Fire & Security Alarms

Fire & Security Alarms are an area that WBES Electricians have a lot of experience in. Not all Fire & Security Alarms are the same and need to be fitted by qualified, professional electricians.
Unfortunately Fire & Security Alarms are a must have for a safe and secure home. Read, what we hope is some useful information below and then call us for some free advice.

Fire Alarms – which one to choose?

In the event of a fire, a good fire alarm can be the difference between you and your family making it out alive, but it is advisable to have them fitted by a trained and professional electrician. If the alarm doesn’t sound, it can’t alert you to the danger!
The work doesn’t have to be intrusive, or require any changes to your home, as you can have wireless systems fitted. The fire alarms that WBES Electricians install are all inter-linked, either hard wired or with radio bases. This is so that if one detector is triggered, then all the alarms will sound. This is to give you the best possible warning and make sure everyone in the house is aware of the emergency, wherever they happen to be.
As well as smoke triggered alarms you can have heat detectors (a good idea if your old battery smoke alarm keeps going off when you are cooking) and carbon monoxide detectors to detect if there is ever a gas leak. We often install these near gas cookers and boilers to ensure that our customers are as protected as they can be.
WBES Electricians use a leading brand of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms from Aico.

Security Alarms – do I really need one?

It’s a good question, but we probably all know someone who has been burgled and it is really unpleasant. Alarms won’t guarantee that you won’t be broken into, but they do offer the best possible deterrent (other than a guard dog or man traps!).
Your burglar alarm doesn’t need to be expensive and they can offer an added bonus of reducing your home insurance. You can have a very basic or elaborate security alarm fitted, hard wired or wireless. But importantly, it needs to be fitted by a qualified electrician if a) you want to make sure it sounds if you are unfortunate enough to be broken in to and b) to prevent it from randomly waking up your neighbours!
 WBES Electricians use best in class security alarms from Honeywell.

Fire & Security Alarms – Free Advice

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